Gomad for The Series At Riverview Landing

How Marcus "Gomad" Debie created 2 murals for Prestwick Development

Gomad for The Series At Riverview Landing


At the heart of this masterpiece lies the vision of a colorblind artist - Marcus Debie, also known as GOMAD. With a passion for street art and a love for nature's vibrant colors, flowers and birds, Marcus embarked on his artistic journey in the early 80s, heavily influenced by iconic films like 'Beat Street' and 'Style Wars.' His inclusion of eyes, women, and flowers in his previous works caught the attention of the developers at The Series at Riverview, who knew his art style would be the perfect addition to the building's façade and ultimately be the final piece for this creative development.

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Property Name
The Series at Riverview
Property Type
6025 Riverview Rd SE, Smyrna, GA 30126
City, State
Smyrna, Georgia
Prestwick Development
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