Olive Moya for Novel RiNo

Project Description

In the vibrant heart of Denver's River North Arts District (RiNo), a captivating mural project took shape in collaboration with esteemed real estate developer Crescent Communities. The striking centerpiece, a creation by the talented artist Olive Moya, adorned the walls of Novel RiNo, transforming the building into an artistic sanctuary for its tenants. Moya's abstract and colorful piece not only beautifies the space but also brings to life a unique blend of her childhood memories and the lively influences of her early adulthood in Los Angeles. Olive Moya's artistic journey is a tapestry of captivating contrasts. Drawing inspiration from her cherished childhood, she masterfully weaves soft, consoling colors into her work. The pale turquoise of her childhood kitchen wallpaper and the nostalgic hues of Disney films on VCR form a backdrop of soothing memories. However, her palette doesn't stop there – it bursts into life with the vivid, eye-catching influence of her time in Los Angeles. Saturated primaries, striking yellow-greens, and hot pinks breathe life into her canvas. Moya's distinctive style features cloud-like organic shapes that gracefully float across her panels. These shapes cluster around each other, sometimes interrupted by sharp black pathways reminiscent of the iconic works of Keith Haring and Cy Twombly's blackboard drawings. The black lines in her art hold their own significance – they can evoke a range of emotions, from twisting anger to slow, methodical movements, meandering, decisive, or stuttering. The interplay of these lines creates a multi-layered effect, harmonizing with the dreamlike colorful background that surrounds them. Some of her pieces exist solely as vivid pathways, tangled and overwhelming, offering a dynamic and immersive experience for viewers. One of the most intriguing aspects of Olive Moya's mural is the incorporation of clean shifts, giving the impression of a changing timeline, akin to a comic strip or storyboard. Each artwork serves as a snapshot of a single moment or a captivating recounting of a transformative journey spanning years. This narrative quality breathes life into the space, allowing the mural to engage and connect with the building's tenants on a profound level, inspiring contemplation and introspection. Olive Moya's mural at Novel RiNo is a splendid reflection of Denver's River North Arts District's vibrant spirit. It stands as a testimony to the power of art in enriching the spaces we inhabit and creating an atmosphere that resonates with the audience. Moya's ability to blend the comforting colors of her past with the bold vibrancy of her present results in a captivating masterpiece that not only adds aesthetic value but also fosters a sense of community and inspiration among the building's tenants. The mural is a true celebration of art's ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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Property Name
Novel RiNo
Property Type
1350 40th St, Denver, CO 80205
City, State
Denver, CO
Crescent Communities
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Length (ft)
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