Angel Toren x STARS REI for Broadway

How Angel Toren transformed 720 SQFT with WXLLSPACE and STARS REI to transform 3210 Broadway into an “instagrammable” mural for the community in New York, NY.

Angel Toren x STARS REI for Broadway


When ownership of 3210 Broadway wanted to change the façade of their property, they had a few specific goals in mind. They wanted something that would make a big impact, be bright and colorful, and change the landscape for the community. Harlem is extremely diverse, and the neighborhood around Columbia University was missing something. They wanted something warm and inviting. After seeing the proposed design, they knew it would be perfect. The swirls of color and organic shapes are eye-catching and beautiful, and they add a sense of joy and playfulness.

Design is everywhere. And while we may not always take the time to notice it, good design has the power to improve our lives in countless small ways. This is never more true than when it comes to the built environment. The way a building is designed can have a profound impact on the way we experience it. This is something that artist Angel Toren understands very well. Working with pantone and geometrical shapes, Toren is able to manipulate lines and dimensions, creating unique and often surprising views of familiar buildings. In doing so, he encourages us to see the world around us in new and unexpected ways.

As he once said, "I want people to see the world see beauty where they normally wouldn't."

It's this passion for design that makes Angel Toren a truly special artist.

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Property Name
3210 Broadway
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3210 Broadway
City, State
New York, NY
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