Surface Of Beauty for The Monarch Market

How mural artist Surface Of Beauty transformed 3504 SQFT into an “instagrammable” moment for the owners of The Monarch Market in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Project Description

In a remarkable partnership between The Monarch Market and WXLLSPACE, an ambitious project took shape to elevate the upcoming food market in Charlotte, North Carolina. The owner of The Monarch Market saw the potential to create an extraordinary experience for the community, and thus sought the expertise of Surface Of Beauty, a renowned mural artist. Their collective mission was to breathe life into a vast 3504 square feet of blank space on the side of a parking garage, with the intention of fashioning an "instagrammable" moment that would encapsulate the essence of the area and make a lasting impression on visitors.Surface Of Beauty, celebrated for their exceptional talent in crafting captivating flora artworks, embraced the challenge with great enthusiasm. With meticulous precision, they meticulously designed a breathtaking Flora mural that beautifully encapsulates the vibrant and diverse spirit of Charlotte. Every stroke and detail within the mural immerses viewers in a mesmerizing world of lush flora, evoking a profound sense of natural beauty and wonder. This remarkable masterpiece now serves as an enchanting backdrop for The Monarch Market, infusing the space with a magnetic charm and allure.This transformative project not only showcases the incredible power of art to reshape environments but also emphasizes the significance of creating memorable experiences. The collaboration between WXLLSPACE, The Monarch Market, and Surface Of Beauty represents a shared dedication to crafting spaces that deeply resonate with the community while providing a visually captivating ambiance. The Flora mural at The Monarch Market stands as a testament to the profound impact of art, fostering community engagement, and forging a truly unique sense of place.

Artist Bio

Property Name
Monarch Market
Property Type
151 N Church St, Charlotte, North Carolina
City, State
Charlotte, North Carolina
Crescent Communities
Height (ft)
Length (ft)
Total SQFT
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