Elisa Gomez x SB Real Estate Partners for Portola Biltmore

How Elisa Gomez transformed 270 SQFT with WXLLSPACE and SB Real Estate Partners to transform Portola Biltmore into an “instagrammable” mural for the community in Phoenix, AZ.

Project Description

When SB Real Estate Partners wanted to create an "instagrammable" moment, they turned to the expertise of WXLLSPACE and murals artist Elisa Gomez. This muralist was chosen to bring life to the 270 SQFT space in Phoenix, Arizona, transforming it into a vibrant setting for visitors to enjoy. Elisa Gomez and SB Real Estate Partners had a shared goal to create a mural that would be visually stunning, capture people’s attention, and inspire them to share the experience online. This installation was carefully planned to make for the perfect 'instagrammable' mural, with the aim of increasing social engagement and driving foot traffic. Together, they managed to create a unique piece of art worthy of being shared far and wide – but most importantly, it brought joy to both those who witnessed it in person, as well as those who saw it on social media.

Artist Bio

Property Name
Portola Biltmore
Property Type
2323 E Flower Street
City, State
Phoenix, AZ
SB Real Estate Partners
Height (ft)
Length (ft)
Total SQFT
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